Cuka Apel (Apple Vinegar)

Cuka Apel

Cuka Apel (Apple Vinegar)

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Apple vinegar is a liquid fermentation of fresh apple fruit. Contains pectin, the type of water soluble fiber that can bind excess cholesterol and heavy metals in the intestine and channel them to the outside.

Apple vinegar (apple vinegar and apple Cider vinegar) claimed for decades able to treat various diseases, among others thin the blood, cure arthritis, lower body and to measure cholesterol in the blood.

Apple vinegar is a liquid fermentation of fresh apple fruit. Contains pectin, the type of water soluble fiber that can bind excess cholesterol and heavy metals in the intestine and channel them to the outside.

Apple Vinegar seems the days of old Egypt utilize apple vinegar for weight loss troubleshooting. Apple vinegar has also been used since hundreds of years to reduce the pain on artritis, treat sore throat, skin blotch and other disturbances, hypertension, hair berketombe, sun burnt skin, increased cholesterol level.

Although the aroma and taste of tamarind, vinegar apple acidity NOT IMPROVING body. With notes, PRODUCT MUST MADE AND organically taken from the apple planted organically (do not use fertilizers and chemical pest exterminator). Organic apple vinegar products have been proven safe and effective, including use for children.



Apple vinegar does not make our stomach acid, because it is not acid forming foods. Vinegar apples contain substances basa-forming substances, so good to help keep the balance of acid-basa body.

The balance of the body we are required 80 percent and 20 percent basa acid. Acid balance in acid-basa no connection with the sour taste in food. Acid balance in the acid-basa acidity is the value of a chemical substance / solvent, expressed as pH. While the sour taste in food is the number of content / volume of a substance in food that leads to sourness. Size used is the percentage of the content or the percentage of volume.

Sour foods that taste does not always have the acid pH. In addition to vinegar apples, fruits such as citrus, pineapple, mango, lemon and orange and lemon including food maker basa. Conversely, food pro-acid pH does not always taste sour. Meat can increase the acidity of blood, it's not at all sour. Factors that determine the acid forming foods including basa or sense or not baunya, but the type of womb mineralnya, proteinnya measure, and measure water.

Acid in the blood is too high can cause a condition called asidosis. Asidosis cause metabolic disturbances, followed by the occurrence of coagulation or blood clotting, incorrect nutrition (malnutrition), and the emergence of diseases including degeneratif Obesity (overweight).

In addition to add taste and cuisine make meat soft, apple vinegar has long used the West to make various traditional ingredients. Among others, to maintain humidiity of skin and hair, pimple and treat injuries caused sengatan sun. Combination apple vinegar, kelp / kombu (seaweed species leaved width and length), lesitin, and vitamin B6 have been used dozens of people during the year to lose weight. Unfortunately there is no scientific data about this.

People used to love the Roman arranges selected apple vinegar with the herb or plant essential oils for skin care. Nutritious apple vinegar for the skin because it contains elements that can be nutritious and tonic smooth circulation of blood in the blood vessel smooth skin on the network; antiseptic to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, or fungi that can trigger the infection, and oxygen-containing substances other nutrients that help to remove excess fat on the surface of the skin and prevent dry skin.


Side effects

Does not cause side effects for the organic apple vinegar and used according to the rules.



General dose: ½ -1 tbsp apple vinegar mixed with a glass of water. Mium 2-3 times a day a few minutes before eating. This dose is also recommended for people with artritis. Sengatan injured due to the sun, dinginkan apple vinegar and kompreskan directly on the skin disease.

Apple vinegar should be consumed some time before eating. If not familiar with it, may be added 1 tsp honey or fruit juice instead of water. For children, it is 1 tsp. Some experts recommend drinking extra 2-3 glasses of water after drinking apple vinegar to speed up spending more toxic and fat. Apple vinegar can also be mixed in a dish or salad.